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Setup up a D-link wireless router

LEARN HOW TO Set up a D-Link wireless router

Setting up a wireless router is quite easy and straightforward if you have adequate knowledge. Previously, the older versions of wireless needed a manual set up. However, with the advancement in technology things have changed. In this post, I shall guide you on how to set up your wireless router through a PC/Laptop.

Wireless routers have both manual and automatic configuration. For manual set up you require your IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS address. However, for autoconfiguration, everything is acquired from your ISP’s DHCP server.



Power on your D-Link wireless router


If you are setting it up for the first time, then you do not reset the wireless router. However, if you already tried to configure it but failed then you need to reset your router.

To reset your router, press the reset pin on the back panel using a needle or a pen. Continue holding it until you see all the lights blink at the same time. Give it a minute and go to STEP 3


Here, you need a PC to perform a manual configuration. Connect one end of the LAN cable to the LAN port of your PC/ Laptop and the other end into the router’s LAN port. Connect one end of another LAN cable into the router’s WAN/ Internet port and the other end to your modem provided by your ISP.

*Note: For clear understandings, refer to the image below.

wireless router back panel setup image

*Image source : dlink.com

*Note: LAN cable is the blue or yellow cable which comes in the box.


Once connected, open the web browser on your PC/Laptop and enter either or These are the two default IP addresses of a D-Link wireless router. Now a page like this opens up.

Wirelss Router Login Page

You need to enter your username and password. The default username is Admin and password is blank. Click on login and go to STEP 5


Click on Manaul>go to the Internet Setup tab on the left> Under WAN Access Type, select your mode of connection.

Wirelss Router Manual Setup

Wireless Router mode selection


Since we are doing a manual configuration, select either Static IP or PPPoE

STEP 6: For Static IP

If you choose static IP, you need your IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS server address which your ISP provides you. Enter all the details and under WAN port rate, select 10/100Mbps. Select default MAC under MAC clone tab. Click on Apply Changes.

Static IP Connection Setup

If all the details are correct, you can browse the internet in your PC/Laptop.


Now, if you select PPPoE, you need to have your username and password which your ISP gave you. Enter it in the field where it requires the username and password. Enter the IP address, select connection type as continuous. Select Attain DNS Automatically, choose the default WAN port rate and Default MAC. Click on Apply Changes. If all the information is ok, you can access the Internet.

PPPoE Connection Setup


After setup completion, you need to set your Wireless password, SSID(Name), mode, channel and key type.

Go to wireless tab>Wireless Basics>check on SSIS Broadcast.

Enter your wireless name>selct the mode to 802.11 b/g/n

Select channel as auto> preferred Band Width as 20/40M

Under Security options, select WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK AES.

Enter your password (key) which is a combination of numbers and letters with UPPERCASE and lowercase.

Click Apply and now try connecting a smartphone to the newly configured wireless router.

Wireless Router SSID and Key setup


Here we are doing an auto set up, which is very simple than manual.

Click on Next>select Dynamic IP>Enter all the details which are requested or follow STEP 8 of manual configuration and fill all the necessary information>click next>click finish.

Wireless Router Auto setup

Wireless Router Dynamic IP mode

Wireless Router SSID and Key setup

Finish Setup page

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